Having chosen to swallow the red pill...

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Active absenteeism

My blog has a large hole in it and I have probably just lost the 3 or so regular readers who visited it! Damn those fly boys. Well, althogh my writing has been retiscent, away from the computer, things have been pretty busy.

The absenteeism first started when Ellie and I went on holiday. We kicked the holiday off with a week in the Azores. What a fantastic set of islands. The sub-tropical climate suited me well, not too hot but warm enough (28 degrees) in summer and down to a moderate, but respectable 16 degrees in winter. The weather changes quickly though. As they said in the guide books, if you go out each day equipped with short, t-shirt, swimming trunks and sweater and a rain jacket, you should be alright! - The highlights of the trip to the Azores for me were seeing Sperm wales from 9m away and realising how small we really are, and backing a morning away in a hot volcanic spring whilst the rain cascaded off the tropical vegitation surrounding me.

The last two weeks of our holiday we spent up the coast in Ellie's parent's summer house, swimming in the ocean, walking and generally chillin' out.

We arived back at work much refreshed and live moved on. After the first week, I went onto half time so I can study Swedish B intensive course and my life took another swing. I suddenly realised all the energy that my workplace had taken away from me. Suddenly I was happy again and had energy and enthusiasm. I even smile as I am cycling to work, knowing that 4 hours later, I am off again. Getting home after Swedish gives me time to do my homework before the evening and then if I have any time left over, I have been getting on with our house projects, such as finishing laying the pavement at the front of our house and painting the balcony floor.

Sure, the money will be less, but the sum that I miss is more than accounted for with my smile, good spirits and energy. And then, as if to prove the law of change, the moment I had made a decision to study, I get offered the chance of a new job... which worked well to test my determination to study. So, I will be applying to university (again) this Autumn and if all goes well, will start in January next year.

In the meantime, I will try to keep my blog up to date, but the frequency may be intermittent. You have been warned ;-)