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Thursday, April 21, 2005

And doesn't time just fly?

Tenerife - Flower
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After almost a months absence, here I am again. No, unfortunately that month wasn't spent in the warm climes of Tenerife, just a week, and then back to reality and the psychology course at university.

The holiday in Tenerife was in many ways just what was needed. If there are any people from Tenerife reading this, don't get insulted, but what was wonderful about the holiday is that apart from hotels, shopping centres, sand, rocks and cacti, there was nothing really to see on the island. The result is that, completely guilt free you can lie by the pool in the sun all day without the feeling that you are missing some cultural 'must see'. In short, I relaxed, I got brown and I read a lot of books!

At university we are currently in the middle of our psychology course and I am enjoying it. We joke in my family about when you are busy that you are at least 'keeping out of mischief' and that is exactly what is happening here. We have a lot of material to read and are effectively trying to get a base understanding of psychoanalysis, attachment and affect theory, humanistic psychology, cognitive and behavioural psychology within 5 weeks! The exam is next week, a 4-hour essay paper and it feels as if my life is a well-oiled routing of get-up, go to university, attend a lecture, read in the library, go to work (if it's a monday or tuesday) then go home, eat and go to bed. I am finding the course material really interesting and it is good to get a re-confirmation that this area is what I burn for and I look forward to working with it in the future.

The other good piece of news is that I got top grades in my last course and (not to blow my own trumpet here too much) I belong to the top 10% of my year group!

Well, life goes on otherwise pretty much as normal for me. I twisted my ankle at a Barbie party for 8 year old girls at the weekend (don't ask), I have started riding to school with my ipod thumping Groove Armada's 'I can see you baby, shaking that ass' (don't tell Ellie) and I am in the middle of madly applying for summer jobs.

Never a dull momen...

Oh, as for the photo, I particularly like the flower, it always reminds me of warm places. Ellie laughs each time we return from trips because somehow and from somewhere I have developed a fetish for photographing flowers!