Having chosen to swallow the red pill...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Here is a picture of the Japanese lantern in my front garden. Yup it has snowed again! To think that we drove all of 250 km up North to find some snow and when we returned there was just as much in our back garden. Yesterday was -9 and today has mercifully warmed up and is only -5.

Whereas snow once meant sledging and snow-ball fights, it currently means that I slip and slide on my bicycle on the way to school (and frequently fall off!), I have to shovel it out of the path in front of my house and up to my door, as we are liable if anyone slips and it also means that the wood on our hallway floor is currently stained white with the salt I sprinkle on the steps to ensure that I can get Ben safetly to the car without slipping!

Still on the positive side, -5 helps you clear the cobwebs from your lungs and in a year's time, when Ben is slightly bigger, snow will once again mean sledging and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows floating in it! mmmmm


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