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Friday, January 27, 2006

Filling-up the gaps

I recently wrote about the Law course being the leviathan course for this degree and as such I was approaching the course with some apprehension. And indeed, within the first few days, I was already swamped with reading and seminar preparation and individual work and the prophecy started to become self-fulfilled... and then Ellie got ill, completely knocked out with a 39 degree fever and tonsillitis, and then her stomach rejected the antibiotics that she had been prescribed and more fever followed and agonising stomach cramps and then little Ben gets his first cold!

It is suddenly in a week like this that you realise how much time you can create when you are really forced to fill up the gaps, the pack action and doing tight into every corner. What with looking after Ellie, looking after Ben, taking the midnight feeds and the early morning feeds, preparing the bottles, keeping the house in order, getting the car assessed before its guarantee runs out, exercising etc... it has been a tough old week. The thing is that when Ellie and Ben get better and we can go back to sharing things, I am going to suddenly have loads of time on my hands to do law... and maybe, just maybe some time to do something besides law too!


  • Hang in there my friend. Things will get less hectic. Talk to you again soon.

    By Blogger Dom, at 2:13 pm  

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