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Thursday, June 08, 2006

A leave of absence

I owe you all some kind of explanation. I glanced at the date I last published and noticed that there has been a three month gap! Three months of blog blackout. The reason was law. Singularly the hardest course that I have taken at university level to date. It scared me, it challenged me, it occupied my days and in a sick way I actually enjoyed it. It blew away the cobwebs and got my brain working to a level of activity where I am actually disappointed that I don't have a paper to write over summer so that I have something to chew on and an excuse to read some more books! The exam result is due out in just over 2 weeks time, so I'll let you know how I did.

During the law course, life for me changed. There are only so many hours in the day and in order to be able to spend some of them sleeping, I had to take a hard look at my life and take some tough choices. I stopped my work as a swimming instructor as I couldn't sacrifice two afternoons a week and wanted to spend my evenings with Ben. I took a break from training ju-jutsu. I was getting stressed that I couldn't keep up with my colleagues, who were able to just about live in the dojo daily, and so I just took a break. When I go back, and I am hoping to go back, I will be so far behind them that it won't matter anymore, I won't feel the pressure like I did before.

Ben changed too, he got bigger. Looking back through the photos of when he was first born, especially the first picture I have when I am holding him in my arms just after he was born, it is amazing how he has changed. Yesterday he was 8 months old to the day and now he will be crawling shortly, the house is always full of him chatting, laughing and singing, he claps and waves you good-bye when you go. He sits up straight and concentrates on little games that he is playing with his wooden blocks and rings. Even though he is still a baby, he seems very much a little boy.

It feels kind of boring really, that I can sum-up three months of absence in a few paragraphs. The astute readers amongst you will see that I have in fact just been filling white space as my time away can be summed-up in a haiku:

A three month absence
Study, snow, boy, wife, study,
White blog matches white skin.


  • Glad you're back. Catch up very soon.

    Therese x x x

    By Blogger Theresa Stancombe, at 8:07 am  

  • And "white nights" to come still!

    As long as you can manage a paragraph for evey month of achievement, the spirit is is still alive in you, M.Sommelier-Archviste!

    That's either more productive reportage or more achievement than me! Or both!

    Please just keep on rollin' along!

    And LoL Ellie and Ben!

    By Anonymous nicandkate, at 1:41 am  

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