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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reducing my footprint

This weeks addition to reducing my footprint is the installation of a compost bin in our garden. Now we can recycle all of our household 'green' waste without just throwing it away, which reduces transportation emisions as it is a lighter load for the bin lorry to carry. It also means that our green waste and general garden waste completes the circle and next spring goes back on the garden, providing essential nutrients and making healthier soil for both our plant life and our vegetable growing.. In addition to that, the garden bin what we have rented from the council up until now can go back, saving us money and meaning that the council has one less bin to pick-up, one less trip to make, one less set of waste to process.

Ok, a bit overboard maybe, but the thing is that you have got to believe that every little bit counts; I was talking to my Grandad when I was in UK the other day and he asked me how many plastic bags I thought were consumed in England each year. I had no idea, but the answer was 1,8 billion, all of which end-up on landfill sites. Now, back to 'every bit counts' if everyone re-used those plastic bags just once, took them with them to the supermarket and used them again, then that small and simple act would reduce consumption to 0,9 billion.


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